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Do you have to have proof of insurance in the state of Oklahoma?

Do you have to have proof of insurance in the state of Oklahoma?

News On 6 has a report on the new OK Proof of Insurance Law.  So you might have heard about the new law that permits drivers in Oklahoma to drive without proof of insurance with them in the car. This means that if the police stop you, you don’t necessarily have to provide them with your current verification (we would advise you to carry it anyway).  You still have to carry your license and present it.

The state has a system that insurance companies report to assist officers in determining if you have an active insurance policy.  The article outlines the difficulties some officers are facing.  A member of the Tulsa Police Department stated that on his first day applying the new law, he stopped a driver who gave him a valid insurance verification, but the state’s program showed the policy to be expired.  This can prolong traffic stops and create an irritating experience for both drivers and the police.

So what do you think? Do you think that you should be able to drive without proof of insurance?  Do you think a state tracking system is the best way to deal with the insurance issue?  Or do you think any sort of databases in the hands of the government is a bad thing?

We want to hear from you. Read it here and please tell us what you think  in the comments below.

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