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Can you trust Kelley Blue Book or NADA?

Can you trust Kelley Blue Book or NADA?

Since we sell car insurance, we get a lot of questions about which pricing guide is better Kelley

If you are a seller NADA usually has a higher selling price and is more trusted than Kelly Blue Book.  And, if you are a seller, of course, KBB is the one to go to because they will come in lower.  The buyer wants Kelley Blue Book, and the seller wants NADA.  In fact one of the gentlemen that works here experienced this deficit recently.  He tried to sell a Chevrolet Suburban on his own.  A Chevy Suburban is very popular in Tulsa.  He found that NADA was more accurate.

Insurance companies have their own way of figuring out prices which claims adjusters have privy to, but agents do not.  Generally they try to take three different cars that they find, they take an average of the three, and will utilize the price they reach.

So, here you go, tell us what you think.  Take a look and compare the prices of both:

Kelley Blue Book and this is NADA National Automobile Dealers Pricing Guide

As always we want to hear from you.

Which one do you believe is more accurate?

Which one would you utilize if you were to sell your car?

Which one would you use if you were to buy your car?

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