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Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu

Trying to learn Jiu Jitsu with the kids.  Problem is, I have three boys.  If we were to join a local gym for karate or for some sort of mma program, it would cost a fortune.  I want my kids to be able to hold there own, but it would cost a fortune to get them into a program.  So what do you do.  I found an answer.  We can get a ton of videos that have high quality stuff on YouTube.  No joke.  The way it used to work and may still is that you go to a gym.  The teacher gives you one move. You learn that move on the day, and then he tells you to go roll.  You have to get the one move a day, and no more than that, or he has no students really fast.  Makes sense, right?  If he dumps the dictionary of Kung Fu on you in three months, then you got nothing left to learn.  I know, I know…a lifetime of training.  That goes without saying, but there is a list of moves…and once that list gets exhausted…the customer might move on to the next rodeo.  So, with videos on line, we can watch a million high quality instructors teach a lot of moves from different perspectives, for free.  Well, I have to pay the WiFi bill.  Oh, and we got a couple of mats at home as well.  Other than that…we have a basic setup for the kids to learn a lot of moves for cheap.  They obviously need to get into some gyms and practice, but as far as learning one move a day, those days are over.

But we want to hear from you.

So what do you do for fun with your kids?

Do you teach them martial arts?

Please leave your comments below.

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