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What is the Trinity?

Quite simply, it is the idea that God is three person in one essence.  God is a unity in diversity in community.  The Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Spirit, the Spirit is not the Son, and the Son is not the Father, and yet all three are God.  The Son and the Spirit so reflect the image and glory of the Father that where the Son is, there the Father is also.  Where the Spirit is, there is the Son and the Father.

God has eternally existed in a community of love and pleasure.  God did not need us to communicate.  God did not need us to experience fullness of joy or love or respect.  He created us out of an overflow of his love.

You can see the doctrine of the Trinity in passages like Genesis 1 and 2, Isaiah 48, Matthew 3 and 28, John 1, 14, and 16, 2 Corinthians 4:4-6, and many others.

We would like to hear from you.

What passages of Scripture help you understand the Trinity?

What passages of Scripture do you find confusing?

Do you see how Jesus Christ is the glory of the Father?

Please leave your comments below.

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