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What is the best food site?

What is the best food site?

So I am an insurance agent; which means I like to eat, a lot.  I also like to cook. My wife is also a good cook, and we love to get new recipes. So, in the age of the internet, where do you go to get good food?  Where do you go to get the best recipes? So here are your options, and you can tell us what you think.

Do you like Recipe.com or epicurious.com or allrecipes.com or the foodnetwork.com?

Please let us know what you think?  Personally, we have been on a Mexican food kick at home.  My wife has learned how to make enchiladas, mole, caldo, and pozole.  We have been eating good.  The websites above have recipes for these things.  Which do you find to be the most helpful? Why?

Please let us know what you think.

Do you get most of your recipes from books or have you moved completely online?

Do you have any good hand me down recipes from your family that you would share?

Do you have any tips for an insurance agent that eats too much? 

Please leave your comments below.

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