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Trump Assassination Play

Trump Assassination Play

The Trump Assassination Play has a lot of people fired up.  Apparently in New York City there is a play that depicts Donald Trump as Julius Caesar.  He is attacked and stabbed to death by numerous actors.

The play looks horrible. I have to wonder how it is that the Secret Service is not investigating this play.  Further, President Trump has a young son.  What must the effects of these sorts of images be upon his young mind.

To be quite clear, I want people to be able to say whatever they want in the United States.  Freedom of speech is so precious.  Numerous countries around the world do not have the Freedom of the Press and their citizens do not have Freedom of Speech.  Those countries usually have oppressive governments and a people that live in fear.

So what do you do?  Some are calling for boycotts of the sponsors that support the play.  Do you think that you would want to utilize the services or buy the products of a business that is associated with this play?  What do you think of the matter?

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