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Matthew 20

Matthew 20

Matthew 20 addresses what is both a framework for understanding the Gentiles coming into the church as well as the gift of conversion.  Jesus tells a parable about laborers in a vineyard.  Presumably this is addressing Israel which was the people of God by the Mosaic covenant.  As Gentiles were beginning to trickle in during the ministry of Christ, Jews were certainly question this movement.  Jesus makes it clear that God can bring anyone into the Kingdom at any time.  In other words, it is all of grace. This is important for us to reflect on as we look to our own conversions.  We should rejoice with anyone who comes to saving faith in Christ, whenever that might be.

In Matthew 20, Jesus tells his disciples for the third time that He is going to be put to death, that is crucified, in Jerusalem.  It is interesting that he tells them exactly what is to happen to Him, and yet, when He is arrested, they will all flee in shock.  The idea that the Messiah would die must have been so foreign to them that they didn’t even process it.

Do we ever wrestle with how Jesus breaks down our own presuppositions?

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