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Romney Senate

Romney Senate

Romney in the Senate?

Some people are suggesting that the former Massachusetts governor is considering running for the Senate.  One of the reasons they are suggesting this is because he is speaking kindly about Trump.  This suggests that he might be currying favor to help gain approval from the president.

A Romney senate run might give him the public face he needs over a brief stint to then give him a chance at another run for President.  But is this what Republicans really want?

Let’s say that Trump wins again.  Is Romney the kind of Republican that would get voters excited enough to go to the polls?  Trump promised voters we could keep our guns.  Romney was the governor of Massachusetts where it is a felony to carry a pistol without a concealed carry permit.  No 2A supporter is down for that sort of legislation.

So do you think that Romney would help deliver conservative Republican values were he elected to the Senate?  Or would it be some sort of luke-warm milquetoast that the Republican party keeps putting out?

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