530,000 Chances to Use Your Car Insurance While on Vacation

Spring has sprung. School is coming to a close for the summer.  Many families have made plans to travel on vacation to get away and enjoy some down time and relax.  Of the 100 million estimated vacationers, 53% are expected to travel in their cars.  Each one you intersect on your journey is a possible opportunity to utilize your auto insurance benefits. 

Like Spring cleaning a house is a good idea, so is cleaning up your car insurance policy.  Carrying a cheap insurance policy with minimal coverage may cause the cost of vacation to rapidly increase.  Proper insurance will provide the peace of mind in knowing that in the case of an accident or car trouble, you will not be stranded or without a vehicle.

Protecting Others

Liability insurance is required by every state.  Failure to have this coverage will result in a ticket for being uninsured and a costly fine.  The purpose of this policy is to cover the those who have been injured by the insured and property that has been damaged.  By being legally insured, you can be assured that if you are deemed the cause of an accident, those affected will be covered.  However, liability coverage does not cover you or your property.

Protecting You

Injury and damage can go both ways in an accident.  In order to cover you, your family, and your property requires additional coverage.  This is not required, unless a lender requires it as you have not completely paid for your vehicle.  You and your property are covered by Comprehensive and Collision Auto coverage. 

Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your car in cases of fire, theft, wind, flood, and vandalism.  This is comforting as you embark knowing that there are always unpredictable events that may be ahead with weather and mechanical issues.  These can be covered if you build the right insurance package.  While the insurance expense may be greater, the savings will be a relief in the case of unexpected events.

Collision auto insurance coverage any loss from a collision with another object.  This includes animals, objects, and other cars.  With the number of cars on the road this summer, there will be no better comfort than knowing that you are protected from their distraction or bad judgment.  Collision is included with Comprehensive coverage.  They come with a deductible that you choose.  The lower the deductible increases the cost of insurance.  The lower the deductible increases the level of protection and comfort for you.

Planning for the Unexpected

In addition to accidents, you may have the unexpected surprise of mechanical problems as you travel to paradise.  If you do not have Roadside Assistance, you could miss it.  You can purchase additional roadside assistance insurance to have the comfort of knowing that someone is on their way to get you back on the road.  Your agent can add this to your package with just a phone call.

For peace of mind as you travel to your vacation paradise, contact your DAEMI AGENT!https://oklahomainsures.com/auto-insurance/

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