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We are glad you are here.  We love two things, our customers, and insurance.  We want to be great at taking care of you, and we do that by providing the best service we can.  We do all types of insurance, so whatever your requirements, you will find we are what you are looking for.  Please take a moment to look at our website before you give us a call or get an online quote.

Family Business

Daemi group was started as a family business & has continued to grow to where employees are just like family. So at Daemi group you can be sure that your family's insurance needs will be very important to us.

10 Kinds of Insurance

Daemi group started primarily as an auto & home insurance company but has expanded to meet your insurance needs. We now offer: auto, home, life, health, renters, commercial lines like, general liability, workman comp, inland marine, and bonds.

Customer Service

At Daemi group we believe customer service is a primary key in the success of our business. We will do our best to make your experience as satisfactory as possible.

7 Locations

Daemi group began with one location at 41st & HWY169 and we have expanded to make it easier to meet our customers needs. We currently have three locations in Tulsa. One in Sand Springs & three in Oklahoma City. You can find their addresses on the locations tab of this website.

Meet Our


Laura / Manager

Branch: Sand Springs

The office manager for Sand Springs is Laura.  Laura has a great sense of humor, so look forward to a fun atmosphere.

Aggie / Manager

Branch: 21st Street Tulsa

The office manager for our 21st and Garnett office is Aggie. Aggie is a problem solver, and loves helping customers transitioning from other companies.  Come and let her do the same for you.

Chris / General Manager

Branch: 41st – Tulsa

The General Manager for all of Daemi Group is Chris.  Chris has been with Daemi Group from the beginning and knows the insurance industry like the back of his hand.   The offices run smoothly because of his efforts.  His hope is that you will come and experience it for yourself.

Angelica / Office Manager

Branch: 41st – Tulsa

The office manager is Angelica. Angelica is a sweetheart, so look forward to the best in customer service!

Michael Jordan / Manager

Branch: Warwick – Oklahoma City

The Warwick office is currently managed by Jinger. Jinger prides herself on customer service and a warm sense of humor.  Come by and get a  quote for yourself!

Rocio / Manager

Branch: Blackwelder – Oklahoma City

The Blackwelder office is currently managed by Rocio. Rocio takes pride in being kind and gentle with her customers.  You will feel at home here

Carolyn / Manager

Branch: 3rd and Peoria Tulsa

The office manager for our 3rd and Peoria office is Carolyn. Carolyn is the consummate professional, so prepare to have your questions answered.



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