The temperature is rising, flowers are budding, and everyone is planning their next get-a-way for the summer.  Many people will choose to travel by car to their favorite destination for a time of relaxation and recreation.  Nothing takes the fun out of vacation than automotive breakdowns or accidents.  The greater number of cars on the roadway increase your risk of unplanned inconveniences on your way to your utopia.  Don’t let breakdowns or accidents steal your vacation fun!  Spring clean your auto insurance and make sure you are covered. IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE Nothing short circuits the joy of the anticipation of running on a warm beach like standing on the side of the road due to automotive breakdowns or flat tires.  Unless you left enough room to pack your entire tool box and planned the extra time for delays, your vacation is shortened as well as your temper.  However, if you have Roadside Assistance through your auto insurance company, help can be on the way.  For approximately $10 per month, all you must do is call a number and a mechanic will come to you.   While it will not eliminate lost time, it will eliminate the frustration of being abandoned on the side of the highway. IT IS JUST A CRACK Any travel on highways includes driving behind semi-trucks and large vehicles.  One piece of debris flying from a tire can cause a major crack in your windshield.  If you have chosen to settle for Liability Insurance only, your vacation just became more expensive.  By adding Comprehensive and Collision Insurance, you will have coverage for those windshield repairs.  In addition, your coverage will be broadened in case of accidents. IT IS ONLY ONE Traffic accidents resulting from alcohol compile 28% of all accidents.  Accidents resulting from cell phone use compiles 25%.  These numbers should be cause for drivers to refrain from drinking alcohol and using cell phones as they head to the place they want to relax and enjoy life.  The easy answer is put alcohol away as you travel to and from your destination.  Cell phones create other considerations as they are often used for GPS and directions.  First, plan your trip before you leave making sure you know where you are going and how you plan to get there.  Do not solely depend on your GPS system.  Second, designate a co-pilot to travel with you to look at your phone while you drive.  The co-pilot can find directions or destinations as you continue driving undistracted.  One drink or one look at your phone can cost you what you spent on your entire vacation.  

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