It is that time of year where summer vacation ends and the new school year begins.  As students prepare to begin their new school year, lists of supplies are provided.  These lists provide the student with everything that is needed for a successful and smooth transition to class. Purchasing auto insurance can seem as imposing as taking on a year of education.  If a driver has the proper preparation before they attempt to purchase car insurance, the experience will be much easier and less intimidating.  In order to save time and frustration, take the time to collect the right information before you make the visit to your insurance agent! ALWAYS HAVE YOUR STUDENT IDENTIFICATION You can only insure a car for yourself.  You may add someone to your auto insurance policy.  You are not allowed to insure a car for someone else.  In order to attain car insurance, you must provide personal identification information.  Valid identification includes driver’s license, Passport, foreign driver’s license, ITIN number, Voter ID card, any state issued identification, or Matricula.  Your agent will use this information to complete your application and determine eligibility. ALWAYS — USE YOUR OWN SUPPLIES You can only insure a car in which you have ownership.  The insurance regulations do not allow you to insure an automobile that you do not own.  This means that your name must be on the Title.  When you decide to purchase insurance, bring the Title, registration, Bill of Sale, or Finance contract for proof of ownership.  This information will be used to verify ownership and provide the proper premium for your car insurance policy. Don’t let purchasing auto insurance become a fit of frustration!  Do you due diligence and bring the required documentation for the most pleasant experience!

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