Recently, while renewing my car tag, I was informed of a new law pertaining to car tags that will go into effect in July 2019.  As of July, your automobile license plate will be attached to your person and will go with you when you sell your vehicle.  While 42 other states have been doing this for years, Oklahoma has just adopted this policy.  Not only will this help law enforcement track ownership of vehicles easier, but also, it will increase accountability on drivers to have proper automobile insurance. When I updated my registration, the tax commission required my car insurance information for verification.  To may surprise, the cashier noticed that even though I had an insurance card, I was not technically covered.  One digit was wrong on the printed VIN number of my car.  Even though I work in the insurance industry and am aware of the challenges that “small” mistakes can make in insurance coverage, I had taken for granted that my information was correct.  This could have been a costly mistake. Had I been stopped by a law enforcement officer; I may have been considered uninsured.  Even though I pay my car insurance on time every month, my information suggests that my insurance coverage is for a different car.  If I were involved in an accident, the insurance company could argue that my coverage included the mystery car on my policy rather than the one I actually drive.  In either case, while under the illusion of being covered, I was actually driving in danger. In light of my experience, I encourage you to check and make sure you are paying your car insurance for the car you own.  Compare the VIN number on your car with what is listed on your insurance policy.  Five minutes could save you thousands of dollars and lots of regret.  Ignorance will not work as a plea of innocence.  Blaming the mistake on your insurance agent will not exonerate you from not taking due diligence.  Remember, you did sign the policy indicating your agreement to it.  This includes the VIN number on the policy. While verifying your VIN number, take the time to make sure you are up-to-date on your car insurance premiums.  Lapses in car insurance can be costly over time, even if you do not have an accident or receive a traffic violation.  The new policy fees attached to the cost of insurance will add up over time.  All of this can be avoided by simply giving minimum attention to your policy. The moral of this story is:  Never take your insurance verification for granted.  While agents do not intentionally try to make mistakes, they are not perfect.  Even though you provide correct information, it may get entered incorrectly.  Be sure to read and review your policy and verify that names, addresses, and numbers are correct!

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